Las Vegas Balloon Arches

Las Vegas Balloon Arches, Balloon Arches in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Balloon Arches

Our Las Vegas Balloon Arches will are great for making any event fun and exciting.  Balloon Arches in Las Vegas are one of the most impacting balloon decorations one can have at any event and are perfect for stages, entryways, walkways and even wall decor.


Types of Balloon Arches In Las Vegas To Choose From

There are 3 Different types of balloon arches in Las Vegas.  The first one is the Pearl Arch, the second is the Spiral Arch & the third the peacock.


Pearl Arches

The Pearl Arch is the most delicate of all the arches and are created by placing 1 balloon next to another on an nearly invisible fishing line.  This arch is perfect behind head tables, over cake tables and at entryways.  You can also use them over dance floors.


Spiral Arches

The Spiral Arch is perfect for decorating stages, large entryways, grand opening events and conventions.  They are also perfect for starting lines and finishing lines during special events and charities.


Peacock Arches

The Peacock Arch is perfect when decorating for Weddings, Sweet 16s, Quinceaneras and School Dances.  These arches are very dramatic and the 3 pearl arches used to create them add an extra dimension to this category of balloon decor.



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